High School Senior Portrait Session Description and Investment

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This is such an exciting time in your life!  Your upcoming High School Graduation is an important milestone.  You've accomplished so much building the foundation for your future thus far.  In the coming year you will continue to gear up for a whole new list of challenges and decisions about your future.  It will take hard work and dedication but you've already proven you are up for the challenge.  Before you jump into all that heavy stuff though it's time to have some awesome and fun Senior Portraits taken.  That's where I come in! 

This is the time to tell your story with photos that capture your personality and in a photographic style that will still look cool 20 years from now.  As a photographer I take this responsibility very seriously.  I'm not here to just take your picture.  Anyone can take a picture.  My job is to show you being you in a relaxed and fun way that also tells the story of who you are right now at this very moment.  How do I do that?  First I get to know you a bit through conversation and asking you a few questions during the interview.  This helps me understand what you are looking for from your portrait session and it also gives us time to become familiar and more relaxed with each other.  I never rush my clients through a shoot.  I devote my time and professional skills to capture great images for you.  I also enjoy making people laugh and sharing in some fun during the shoot.  Life is too short to be serious all the time right?! 

The Session Basics

I am a Location Photographer.  I let my clients pick locations they feel comfortable in.  That may be in their own backyard, at a local park, or in an urban setting.  We will discuss all your ideas and decide on locations during the interview.  We can also discuss clothing choices as well since you may have sports or band uniforms etc. you would like to be photographed in.

Do I use formal posing? I live with the adage that all photographs are a lie!  What do I mean by that?  Yes I do some posing but usually in a very subtle way.  If I ask you to sit down there are ways for me to tweak the way you are sitting to help you look your best in a photograph.  Changing an angle of view or leaning a person differently can make a person look slimmer for example.  So yes, I may do some posing during a session but generally in a very relaxed way.  My goal is to always have you looking your best.

Since I normally shoot on location and outdoors I will use whatever I have available at the location as my backdrops.  If you want images with a traditional style backdrop you can request that and I can set that up for you as well. 

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How Much Does It Cost?

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$100 plus tax  which includes your Yearbook Image Submission and free consultation.

The Session Fee is required in advance to reserve your photo shoot date and time.  I can collect it from you during your free consultation when I will go over and explain my photo contract and answer any questions you may have about how the session will work. (If you are under 18 years old a parent or guardian will also have to be present to sign my contract.)  Your Custom Photo Session will consist of up to 3 hours including setup time at your preferred locations and all the outfit changes you care to squeeze in. Sessions normally don't require 3 hours but I allow plenty of time in case we need it and to make sure you don't feel rushed.

After your session I will begin work on your edits.  Basic retouching including blemish removal etc. is included in the session fee so their are no additional costs for those services.  I will get your images up into a Gallery on my website www.TheSideStreet.com within 2 weeks for you to view and to purchase from.  Below I've listed a few photo package options to pick from or you can pick and choose whatever images work best for you and your budget.

"The A La Carte" Option

Do you only need one print? You decide. This option is just what it says! You only buy the images and Gift Items you want to purchase.  This option allows you to pick and choose the items you want and was designed to work with any budget. I don't believe in high pressure sales! (A Gallery CD is not offered as an option with "The A La Carte" choice.) *Gift Items such as coffee mugs, mouse pads, tote bags, and T-Shirts are also available from your online gallery in all package options.*

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"The Basic Gallery Print Pack" Option

The "All In Package Deal" Option

$199 plus tax

The Basic Gallery includes all the basic retouched edits and treatments such as Color, Sepia, Black & White, etc.

***Six 8"x10" Prints of your choice, metallic finish

***Three 5"x7" Prints of your choice, metallic finish

***Plus, 1- 4"x6" Print, Luster Finish, of every image in the Basic Gallery.

With this gallery option: Specialty Prints and Collages are available "a la carte" as well as Gift Items. With the purchase of 2 or more Specialty Prints you become eligible to buy the Gallery CD for $200.

$450 plus tax

This package has you covered! It includes:

***All the basic retouched edits and treatments such as Color, Sepia, Black & White, etc.

***One of each Collage or Specialty Print produced in your gallery

***One 16"x20" Images of your choice, metallic finish

***Six 8"x10" images of your choice, metallic finish

***Three 5"x7" Images of your choice, metallic finish

***4x6 prints of all the Standard Images in your Gallery, Luster Finish

***Two Pages of Wallet Sized Photos (Of the same image, you pick)

***Plus a Full Gallery CD of all the images in your Gallery including printing rights


When I'm editing your gallery, I may run into an image that I feel needs to be treated in a "special" way. These images end up looking more artistic than a normal edit. I may also decide to create some custom collages or things that take extra time and creativity. Because of the extra time I spend on them, I price these images a little higher. I limit the number I will do, and they are custom sized. You will notice these because they will stand out from your standard images in your gallery.


Word-of-Mouth is my favorite kind of advertising. I'm always humbled when my Clients are pleased with my work and recommend me to their friends and family as well. As my way of saying "Thank You" for those referrals I reward my client making the referral with a $25 print credit. And, there's no limit! One referral = $25 Print Credit; two referrals = $50 in Print Credits; etc. You can use the credits towards prints from your own gallery or towards my other works such as Landscapes or Wildlife Prints. You pick! During my interview process I always ask new clients how they heard about me. If they tell me you referred them to me and they complete a session with me I will notify you of the Print Credit. So refer away and "Thank You!" I really appreciate your help.

Anything I didn't answer here? Don't hesitate to give me a call or drop me an email. I will be happy to answer any questions.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to the opportunity of serving you!

Dan@TheSideStreet.com 715-577-2770

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