A Professional HeadShot is one of your strongest Marketing Tools

In today's hurried and competitive environment you literally only have 2 seconds or less to grab a potential client's attention.  This is no time to settle for a few cell phone selfies. Professionally produced images will separate you from your competition.  First Impressions matter.  You need to stand out, make a connection and garnish some attention before your potential client just moves on.  Your Professional Headshot should convey a positive message that says:   "I'm a Professional",  "I'm approachable",  "I'm competent", "You should hire me!"

As a Professional Photographer I understand how to execute all the elements that matter most in creating your best Head Shot.  I pay close attention to details such as proper lighting in the eyes, coaching and posing techniques to achieve flattering posture and facial expressions and utilizing backgrounds that aren't a distraction.

I work on location so I come to you.  Weather you are interested in standard backdrops or if you are looking for environmental backgrounds to showcase your office or business or both is totally up to you.  We can discuss your particular needs and I will customize a session that meets all your requirements.


How Much Does It Cost?

My HeadShot Sessions can be customized to fit your particular needs. If you are looking for something that I've forgotten to mention here please don't hesitate to ask!  My goal is to always  meet YOUR NEEDS.  I fully understand that the world is not one size fits all!


Do you only need one shot?  This is the perfect option for you.

A 30 minute on location Session.

This Session allows us plenty of time to get that 1 perfect look!  There may also be enough time for one outfit change as well if you prefer to give yourself more looks to choose your final image from. 

You can add additional looks from your session for an additional fee.  You also have the option to purchase prints produced on professional grade papers ala carte from the session if you choose.

Your Final Edited Image will be available for download from your Private Online Gallery as a High Resolution JPEG file. 

Professional Editing for contrast, color, minor blemish removal(if needed) of the image(s) is included with the session at no additional cost. 


This Session includes everything from the Standard Session but includes 3 different looks.  This Session is for those that are looking for Business Portraits to use on different platforms such as Company Websites, LinkedIn, Resumes, Business Cards, etc.

Your Final Edited Image will be available for download from your Private Online Gallery as a High Resolution JPEG file. 

Prints produced on professional grade papers are also available for purchase ala carte from your gallery if you choose.


A "Look" is simply a different pose/expression/clothing change .  While I'm working with you I will be explaining what I'm trying to achieve from a particular pose. My objective is to capture several different looks from the session so that you will have portraits that appear more formal and others that have you looking more relaxed and approachable. By doing this you will have several looks to use in your promotional materials that can tell different stories about you and allow your viewers to feel they can relate to you.


Do you need images for your whole office?  I offer 15 minute sessions at a discount for larger groups which include 1-2 outfit changes or looks per each person.

2-5 People  $150/Person

6-15 People  $140/Person

16-50  $120/Person

51+  $100/Person

This rate includes all the basic editing and a private online Gallery with all your images available for high quality digital JPEG downloads.


I offer full or half day rates for those businesses interested in not only Headshots but may also have a need for environmental images taken around their business.  These images can include people or simply highlight your business with images of your facilities or equipment.  Please contact me for pricing on this option since it may require the use of additional equipment and assistants that I would need to factor into your quote.

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